Getting Your Wellness Back

Much like the spark plugs in your car, the vitamin-like nutrient coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) serves as a vital catalyst to ignite the mitochondrial “spark” that creates cellular energy.     Without adequate CoQ10, cells aren’t able to support normal levels of activity. But this powerhouse coenzyme also boasts antioxidant activity that has been shown to address a growing number of health conditions.

The heart requires a large amount of energy to function properly, so it’s not surprising that some of the highest concentrations of CoQ10 are found in the cardiovascular system. And because free radical damage plays a significant role in many types of heart disease—especially atherosclerosis and congestive heart failure (CHF) —supplementing with ubiquinol has been found to mitigate cardiovascular damage.

CoQ10 has been shown to help with the aging brain, diabetes and liver function, as well as obesity. Routinely eating a diet high in fat and sugar increases inflammation in the liver. CoQ10 seems to lower hepatic inflammation and reactive oxygen species levels in obese individuals.

The evidence suggests that ubiquinol is a potential anti-aging option for most patients—especially for those suffering from cardiovascular disease, neurological challenges or diabetes. 


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