Getting Your Wellness Back

Get your Life Back

Holze Wellness Center is an established chiropractic and natural wellness health practice with over thirty plus years of history treating families, athletes, children and adults of all ages.

Our doctors and healthcare staff offer personalized attention, caring for chronic conditions, diseases, aches, pains, and sprains from childhood through adulthood. Our goal is to provide the best chiropractic and/or natural health remedies to identify and treat not only the symptoms, but the root of the ailment as well.

We are confident in our abilities and commitment to providing a responsive chiropractic and natural health practice with certifications and on-going training in order to provide superior patient care. We believe that is order for your body to work properly, it has to be in balance. If your body is imbalanced, we uncover the source of the problem and work with several fundamental factors: structural, chemical, and mental; The Health Triangle. If any one of the sides are altered, the other two sides suffer. Complete health returns when all three sides are in balance.

If you are interested in making an appointment, we welcome your phone call at:

Holze Wellness Center

2000 Larkin Ave.

Suite 200

Elgin, IL 60123



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